Friday, September 28, 2007

this is an update on what mission papers. this is an explanation to the "have you got your call yet" questions that i have been getting on a daily basis.

yes, tomorrow will be 3 weeks from when my papers got sent in. my call has been issued, i checked with my stake executive secretary. i checked because i was starting to wonder but he said 2-3ish weeks is normal so im not worried anymore about the timing.

BUT is the issue.

my mail is all messed up. i moved about a month ago and had my mail forwarded to my new address. about a week and a half ago i realized i hadn't been getting any fwd mail yet so i checked with the post office and they assured me that everything had gone though and nothing was going to my old apartment address, my mail should be coming, and they weren't holding anything.
fast forward to a few days ago...2 days in a row i get phone calls saying that mail they have sent to me has been returned with "no forwarding address" on the envelopes. i freak out and get mad at the same time because the post office LIED to me (mad) and because my mission call could be sent BACK to salt lake and if that happens i wouldn't end up getting my call for 2+ more weeks on top of the 3 that its been (freak out).
i call my dad 'cause he will know what to do and it will help me calm down. this is in the middle of the day and when i call something hilarious must have been happening 'cause he was half laughing from the start to the finish-not about my situation but whatever was happening on his end. ha ha. anyways, he gave me some good ideas and i felt overall better after talking to him (even though i knew he was distracted by something!)
so, after catching the mail carrier at my old apartment complex (not an idea of my dads though) who was just a fill in for the day and didn't have much to offer, except mail in my old mailbox with NO forwarding stickers on them (the fact that they were even in there was wrong).
so i talked to the apt officer managers and they called the new tenants and so hopefully when my call comes the new tenant will bring it to the apartment office instead of sending it back to the black hole of the post office.
and i have become a mail carrier's stalker. but i have missed the mail carrier for the last 2 days cause she come around 4pm and i get off work at 4ish. but tomorrow hopefully i'll catch her and then as she puts the mail in all the boxes if there is anything for me i can get it directly from her. and if not there is always next week. or the next. after all, steve said his took 32 days to come. i dont want to beat his record though!

and while im thinking about it and because i had to go to the mall this week...

i wish the style of pregnant/babydoll/gathered shirts would go OUT of style already!!!
if you have been fashon/tv/people deprived, this is an example of what im talking about...
and do you think it stops with summer? nooo...sweaters. they even have this style in sweaters! i thought i'd finally escape it when fall rolled around; but no, its still going strong. luckily its not the only thing out there but it sure dominates. let me be the designer. owell. im over it. ;D

"the good has far outweighed the bad. I guess that's what determines a good life. Not that there is no bad—there's bound to be—but that the good outweighs the bad."

that fits. maybe not this week but life in general.

also, i got pulled over yesterday night. first time.
not to leave it all cloak and dagger like that, but im at work.
so i'll write more on that later.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

some weeks seem to last FOREVER.
this is one of them.
its a nails down the chalkboard with drama llamas spreading pandemonium in the classroom at the same time kind of week.

tuesday felt like thursday and it just got better from there! :/
im not even going to comment about work.
except one thing...since i am having a long/bad week its nice to have someone to share it with. although it sucks that they are going through it too but at least when she bit my head off i knew it wasn't me that ticked her off, i was just getting the brunt of it (along with a few other people. and yes, she did apologize the next day). and she understood my times too (like not putting me up front on phones every day like she could have).

and then there was waking up and deciding that even though the day (because of the day before) had premonitions of being bad, i still told myself it was going to be a good day even though there was drama and everything else still in the picture.
and its semi-working. the first day i didn't think so. but then the next day i knew there same drama llamas were there and i still felt crappy but calm and in control and like i know it wont be forever. 'cause its almost the WEEKEND and tomorrow is FRIDAY and everyone can be happy about that. haha.

for me its just been a lot of different things and crazy messed up drama and stressful situations and blahness.
sometimes it just seems like things are thrown at me that are too big for me to handle or are really out of my control but im expected in some way to be able to control them. but i know that no challenge is too great...and no, im not going to get up on my soapbox and go off on this, but i really feel that way, i think its been what has been getting me through this week and maybe the next week too. who knows. its life and there will always be some kind of challenge.
i know that its all in how i handle things and i can get mad or sad or frustrated but still end up dealing with things in the way thats best for me. (and most people dont think of me as getting mad haha...but it has happened!)

anyways. thats it.
and on a happy note...

i get to see emily TONIGHT!
i am having lunch with a friend tomorrow.
tuesday i had the most needed hour of my week.
i bought a new purse (sorry stace teehee, i will have to post a pic. and im still deciding how i feel about it)
and its almost the weekend...the best time of the week!

Monday, September 24, 2007

im going to general conference in utah!
i have tickets for saturday morning and sunday afternoon.
im super excited.
and i get to see a lot of friends & it is going to be so fun. i have missed them a TON.
im driving there with jake and his friend and hopefully one other person and flying back. i have so little vacation time. i found out today that by conf time i will have 12 hours (thanks mono) so that covers friday and the 4 hours i need monday for the flight back. phew.
oh, and for my non-california (and az) family...i had in n out tonight!
it was because of a bet.
linda was certain my mission call would come on saturday. i didn't think so and was NOT getting excited about it that day 'cause i had been expecting it all week. so maybe to give me some more anticipation about going to check the mail (okay, well there was some under the surface anyways) she said that if it was there i would owe her in n out. if it wasn't there then she owed me. wasnt there. so i got in n out tonight (cheeseburger animal style). i would have rather had my mission call (even though it was super good) 'cause we prob would have gone anyways to celebrate.
i wonder what (if) we will bet next....spaghetti factory? hmm....this could be a delish week! haha. no, i dont think any more bets. just my call hopefully.

oh, and for all my woodland friends, the next time you want breakfast, go to El Patio (on Gibson Road across from the County Fair Mall) and get their machaca breakfast burrito! it is the most wonderful thing i have eaten in a looong time! i highly recommend it :D

aww, how cute. yeah right!

mission guesses

my mission call has been in for 16 days. i should get it any day now. here are some guesses i have gotten of where i might go. as for where i want to go or where i think i'll go (* is for repeats). as for me, there are pros and cons to both in and out of the usa. honestly i just want to know where im going and when im going!

new york
patterson, ca
piedmont, north dakota
inkom, idaho
st. louis, missouri
temple square***
west virginia
slc north
slc south
south dakota
huston, tx spanish speaking
east coast
oaklahoma city
jackson city, mississippi
portland, oregon
rochester, new york
cherry hill, new jersey
new mexico

eastern europe
england* (and london south)
british isles
argentina salta
baltic states (latvia, lithuania, estonia)
south africa

  • "You must open your own doors. If they are locked, I or anyone, can give you the keys, but you are the one that must unlock them. You are the one that must make the choice to unlock each door, open it, and pass through."
    Quote inspired by Robert R. McCammon

  • "You can fail, and be happy...
    You can be unknown, and be happy...
    You can be without significant power, and be happy.
    To live and be happy like this takes skill and practice...
    It takes living in the present moment...
    It takes an untroubled mind."

    Quote: Little Book of Happiness, Patrick Whiteside

  • "A little bit of something beats a lot of nothing.
    Break the largest of difficult tasks into the smallest of steps and it can be done."

    Quote by: Dan Millman