Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." -Carl Gustav Jung

today i got really mad. furious actually. it was something i was writing about at work. i can't go into detail but what made me upset is that it happened HERE. where i live. even after getting this job and realizing there is more crime here than i knew before. but this person had done the same thing over and over and had no remorse at all. luckily i finished typing and reviewing it right before lunch and then i could leave and clear my head (for a 1/2 hour) which wasn't long enough 'cause i was still really upset when i got back. so i went and vented to nat. and then she vented to me and we were both in a bad mood. but then i reminded her that she has tomorrow off. and she reminded me that i get off early tomorrow.

i got a wedding invitation from my old fhe bro, brad. they are so cute! and i was sad because their reception is 3 days after i leave and it is close enough to go to. :(
and ashley's in in december.
and ryan's is in december.
and another friend in february and one in april.
and more friends getting engaged all over the place.
im not going to say it. im not going to say it!

moving on...
linda gave me halloween socks tonight!
i found my car charger for my cell phone.
the fern's park rebuild starts tomorrow! but i can't go tomorrow. im going to the optometrist. but i plan to go sometime thurs-sat. and i will have some documentation!
oh, and we had to turn in stats for the last two weeks and nat came to me afterwards and told me that in the last 2 weeks i had typed 19 more reports than the other 2 secretaries. k, i know that might be unnecessary spotlight attention (even though this is MY blog) but lately i feel like i have been slacking off some-prob 'cause i have endofjobitis, but i am still trying but sometimes i feel like i just can't. like when there is a homework assignment that has to be done and you know you need to do it but its close to the end of semester and its spring almost summer when no one feels like doing work? (okay, the season is off, but same feeling). so that was good to hear. and there are no feelings of competition at all. far from it, so thats not the reason i write it either. it just made me happy.