Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i neglected to share the fact that i had dinner in a pumpkin on sunday!!
and it was definitely document worthy!
yummy yumness!
plus it is tradition, which im happy to say has gone on even though some of the original participants have moved away.
i had it at emily's house (without emily) but dont worry, i didn't break in; her parents invited me.
not the same without stace there to tease and emily there to tell funny stories.
still, good times! and the pumpkin did have a face (its in the directions!)
oh, and we had homemade bread too. :D
...i know your mouth is watering right now...
i had leftovers yesterday for dinner. mmm.


Stacie said...

LUCKY i am very jealous you got to eat dinner in a pumpkin. Im going to make one here soon but it is not the same w/o the Valentines and you!

Emily said...

I am sorry I wasn't there to tell funny stories for you.... I do always have a good one though to tell. I did have dinner in a pumpkin here too in Vegas but I realize now it was missing the face!!! You had homemade bread too! You were so spoiled!