Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm willing to take my chances...

cross this one off the list!
-move my stuff to a new storage unit.
you would not believe how happy this has made me.
i wasn't happy before hand. not mad though. annoyed? frustrated? the feeling of knowing you have to do something you really don't want to do when that thing isn't even really hard.
i hate everything involved with moving. it puts me in a bad mood. i like things to be neat and organized and moving is the opposite of that. its something i procrastinate on. and this is not a good time to procrastinate because the more i put it off the more i knew i needed to do it and stressed about it still not being done.
linda thought it was funny because i wasn't saying that it was something i didn't want to do but she could tell because i kept putting it off every time she brought it up (she was going to let me use her van to load everything in to just make one trip). and so yesterday at dinner she solidified a day (saturday) and today (saturday) she asked me for a time frame. and i needed to do that so and have someone else in on this so it would get done.
and it only took like around an hour tops to load, drive across town and unload it into the new unit. my new unit is SO much better.!
1. cheaper 2. safer with security gates/cameras 3. clean 4. more out of the elements than the other.

i got a fatty letter of mission stuff! it came yesterday and i was driving home when linda called to tell me i'd gotten a letter from the mission department. idk why, but for some reason i thought that maybe it was a rejection letter (following up the acceptance letter i sent). but it wasn't. silly me...that 10 min it took to drive home seemed to take forever.
and i am reading stace's MTC binder...and it is seeming more real every day that goes by. oh, and im going to post some stuff from the info i got ('cause im not going to send it, but i'll bring it at thanksgiving).

i have more, but tomorrow is sunday and i need to get to bed. but wait! i get an extra hour! everyone does...unless you happen to live in a place like arizona (or indiana) where they have strange customs like not going by daylight savings time. ;)